Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coupon totals for first 2 weeks of Feb

I decided to start keeping track of my savings at the store. Im behind so I'm just going to record the totals from the 6th of Feb up til now.

This doesn't include Walmart runs because I don't use coupons there very much and I really don't like going there much and I forgot to save my Target receipts. And I'm sure theres a few receipts here and there that I've forgotten. Like I said- I'm new at this and new at recording so from today on out, I will save every receipt and report:)

spent: 43.81
saved: 177.71

spent: 13.32
saved: 58.14 (also received about $18 in coupons for free meat)

Harris Teeter
spent: 12.61
saved: 109.21

spent: 69.74
saved: 345.06
Looking forward to another super double Harris Teeter run (I never go there unless its super doubles because they're expensive) and then Publix has some awesome stuff going on where I will come home with more soup and broth that I will ever need for practically nothing... and Target will be seeing a lot of me to get more Special K fruit crisps and $5 gift cards!


Melissa said...

What is the secret? I have a few friends that use the Grocery Game website. I tried, just don't have the time or energy. I know we need to be better shoppers, just need an EASY way to save. I really don't have time to search for coupons.

Kris said...

Wow!!!!! I LOVE couponing too, but I don't think I've ever thought to actually keep track of the $ amounts. Maybe if I do that it'll justify my obsession to my husband, who just doesn't understand why at 24 cent box of Cheeze-Its is so exciting!