Monday, February 8, 2010

Just some more January pictures....

Since I got a tad behind in blogging, I figured I'd throw together a blog of pictures-- not too much happened in Jan. Reese got awards at school for music, reading and being a good citizen:). We had to switch realtors because Duffy Realty in GA SUCKS! They let our contract expire without even contacting us. So we hooked up with Caldwell and they advised us to go down and paint the house and we would get better results. Still hasn't sold yet but we're hopeful!
Oh and I went from blond to real dark:)

Pretty much everthing else was blogged abt- the snow, Jons trip to Florida, etc. Oh and we did start our weightloss new yrs resolution. We just finished week 2 and tomorrow is weigh in. Our first week, I lost 3lbs and Jon lost 6. Wish us luck!!!

Me and Reese and his awards
Reese, his buddy and neighbor Jerry and Ethan (Jerrys little brother)

He was sooooooo excited!!!!!!

Bad pic- but my hair is now brown and red.

Our friends came down with us to help with painting. Here is Mike painting over my lovely yellow... The green hall is also gone as well as the pink and blue bedrooms. Sad!
But heres the after results. Nice huh????????

Oh and my vinyl came down too...:(

Nothing like love notes on the wall! Too bad we had to paint over it

And just my cutey patootie Rielly


KK & Company said...

I hope your house sells soon! I didn't get a chance to tell you, but I love your hair!!!

Emma said...

Rielly is soooooo cute!

Kenningtons said...

I love your brown hair!! Sounds like you had a busy month getting your house all painted. Not fun but I'm sure it will pay off. I thought your house was cute before....the after is equally nice.