Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kroger has been my friend this week

I don't always have the greatest luck with coupons and Kroger-- not compared to the fun I have at Publix. However this past few days have been coupon heaven for me!

We are so on overload with biscuits and mashed potatos that I have been giving them out like CRAZY!

Here's how I worked it.. they actually are PAYING me to get the goods...

Right now if you buy 6 pillsbury biscuits or cookies or cinnamon rolls, you get a $4 catalina coupon good for your next purchase.
6 X .59 (for the tiny 6 biscuit rolls) = 3.54
2 .75/3 coupons= -1.50
total 2.04 plus tax and out pops a $4 off next purchase coupon

So at first I had to pay the 2.04 plus tax out of pocket to get the $4 coupon. But after that, I just used that coupon to buy more biscuits and maybe $1+ other stuff to make the total to $4 to use the coupon and get another back. So I was getting free biscuits and a few small items.

Thats all well and good BUT there's also this deal I added to it... buy 3 Betty Crocker mashed potatos and get $3 catalina coupon good for next purchase.
So then I started doing this:

6 X .59 = 3.54 biscuits
3 X 1.09 = 3.27
2 .75/3 coupons biscuits = -1.50 (coupon blinkie right in front of the biscuits)
3 .40/1 DOUBLED if your store doubles-mine does = -2.40 (coupon from
TOTAL: 2.91 plus tax so 3.XX

Paid with either a $3 or $4 coupon and get $7 back from catalina. So each time I do this deal, I make $3 or $4 bux!!

Needless to say, I've done it quite a few times and now I have about 50 tubes of biscuits (and I've even given dozens away- and will continue to do so) and a ton of mashed potatos (great food supply) and have made $40 in coupons for my next purchases. Now sure how long this will last for but keep an eye out for your stores promos.. Kroger quite often is giving catalina coupons for purchases!

Yes some may think this is extreme.. however I am giving a lot of the stuff away and Kroger gets their money back from the companies so it's really a win/win for a lot of people!

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