Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sick Day

Jon was ummm... sick.. yesterday so we took the day and just spent it together and had a nice relaxing day with the kids at school.
We took a drive to Centennial Park and walked around there and just sat and talked for quite a long time. Then had lunch at quiznos and watched part of a movie that pretty much sucked (Funny People..blah).

When Reese got home, we took a little detour and instead of walking home, we walked to Happy Hour at Sonic instead:) ... it's abt .8miles each way so not too bad and oh so worth it!

Sometimes it's all about the little things that mean so much. A nice reminder about what is truely important. And it couldn't have come at a better time because our realtor after sending us an email saying we probably have an offer on the house then told us it fell through. So why tell us we MAY have an offer? So we told him don't even say anything to us unless we have a contract. This is now the 3rd time he has gotten our hopes up pointlessly. So I doubt we're relisting this house if it doesn't sell.... anyone in Woodstock need to rent a nice house at a good price??

Oh and tomorrow night Reese is running the last mile in the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. Very exciting so stay tuned!

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mihaela B said...

You make e beautifull couple! I wish you all the best!