Thursday, April 1, 2010

quick GA trip

Jon bought tickets last weekend for an Aaron Lewis concert so we decided to all go down with him to hang out and do yard work, etc. I'll let Jon blog abt the concert but here's the high (or low) lights...

the yard... oh the yard. It was terrible!!!! We just thought we had to mow. Oh no.... it was covered in WEEDS!!!!!! Horrible, nasty weeds!!!!

So Friday, we spent practically all day in the yard pulling weeds! I was able to take a break and have lunch with my friends from Ga-- Brenda, Sarah P, Meredith and Amy W. Good times!!!



and in between. We found 3 of these puppies.. this one being the largest. It was wrapped around the root of the weed that I pulled out. Yeah not so lovely!!

Meredith and I. I spaced getting pics of all of us.

So now the Lawn Dr has been set up to take care of the weeds and we hired a guy to come out twice a month to mow. PLEASE SALE!!!!!!

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