Friday, April 30, 2010

YMCA Country music kids marathon

This yr, we had Reese participate in the country music marathon for kids downtown. And what an amazing experience that was. We trained with him at home (didn't quite make the 25miles that we were supposed to) but he worked hard getting a lot of miles in. He was one of 3 runners that signed up in his school.
Kids from all over the Nashville area come together to participate. They get tshirts and marathon numbers and they all run the last mile of the marathon together. I was probably more excited than Reese was for this. Just to see him run and enjoy himself and complete the marathon made me so proud for him. It was such an accomplishment and a great time for the whole family! He got a very cool medal when he completed!

Reese and his racing team- his coach, a 2nd grade teacher and a friend in his class.

Hes the little guy in the white running towards the back next to the guy in the pink shirt. Right before the finish line!

And he made it!!!!! We were all about this excited!!!

And as part of his running as well as my volunteering for big marathon the next day, we were all able to get tickets to the post race concert. We just stayed for 2 acts but we got to enjoy hearing Heidi Nufelt from Trick Pony rock it out! The kids crashed and Jons not a huge country fan so we went home but it was a great family weekend!!!

**here's some pics he got taken at the marathon that were uploaded to the website**

And just for fun.. I'm registered and ready to work on training for my own 1/2marathon in Sept!!

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