Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monday night concert

Jon enjoyed the Aaron Lewis concert so much that when we found out he would be in Nashville a few days later, I decided to oblidge and go with him. Not my type of music but Jon loves it and it's the least I could do.
It was at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown so we got a friend to watch the kiddos and off we went.

First band up was Saving Abel. I guess they were okay.. they sing the Addicted song(naughty naughty). We were right behind 2 couples that started drinking right away and were loud! They never stopped drinking. And now beer either. Quick the hard stuff. The thing that made it hard was that it was a standing concert so we got to experience all the joys of drunkness!!!
Aaron Lewis was great! I actually really enjoyed myself. Jon and I have a song "Tangled up in you" and he sings it and man so pretty!!! During Aarons part, one of the drunk guys spilled some hard liquor on my feet and then shortly after, one of the girls totally passed out! Fine with me.. we were one step closer to the stage!
All in all, good show. 4 hrs of standing in flip flops... not so fun. But we survived and really loved our night out together. Now it's my turn to pick the next concert!!!

This is what happens when you forget to bring your drivers license to the Hard Rock. Guess I look a lot younger than I am:) Both hands!!!

Yeah BABY!!!!

Waiting to get in. How good does my baby look?!?!?


Aaron Lewis... lead singer of Staind

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