Sunday, May 1, 2011

Country Music Marathon Weekend

Wonderful weekend full of medals and goal achieving..
starting with Reese running the ING Kids marathon for the 2nd time. They run 25miles at home and then the last mile together. It is always so fun.. thousands of kids do it and they treat the kids like they just ran a full! Shirts, medals, swag bags, etc!

The next morning was a super early start for us. At at 4am, left the house at 4:45 and after an hr waiting in traffic, we finally got to the LP Field to be able to park and catch a shuttle to Centennial Park and the starting line.

Finally made it to the starting line.. us and 25,000 other people! It was insane!! The lines for the port-a-jons (sorry honey) seemed almost as long as trying to get started! And they were nasty!! I couldn't do it but the others were stronger than I! They should have gotten medals for that!

Jeremy was in a different coral so he got a start earlier than us. But once we got going, it was on!

First timers!

Karissa had a sprained ankle and I didn't train so we were quite the team! Slow and steady. This was Jons first half and so we did it together which was wonderful for us. Because never in our wildest dreams would we have ever thought to do this!

Only 3.1 more to go!

Blurry but 10miles was Jons longest run.. he was about to do something never done before.

The signs cracked me up!!

We walked in memory of our dad

Jeremy made it in 2:15, Karissa in 3:25 and Jon and I crossed hand in hand in 3:30. Not my best time BUT the point of us doing this is to finish. And we did!!
We started together and we finished together!

Exhausted and so glad it's over
First finishers medal!
OUCH!!!!!! -Karissas ankle!

After we got rested up, we got a sitter for the kids and headed downtown for dinner and a post-race concert with Montgomery Gentry!


Wendy said...

Great job!

Kris said...

You rock, my sista! How is it that you're running all over the country & I'm sittin' on my can glad that it's not me? I ran track for 7 years for Pete's sake! You're just a little- OK, a LOT awesome!

Love you!