Sunday, May 22, 2011

I eat my words!!!

For a long time, I said Taylor Swift couldn't sing.

I've seen her on tv and at a concert singing 2 songs last yr and just wasn't impressed...

My mind has been changed!


The best (after Garth of course) I've seen!!!

She sang awesome, her show was very entertaining and theatrical and was just fun to watch!
Every song didn't just sing the story, it was acted out as well. So much fun!
At one point she was flying through the air on some platform thing while singing Love Story and she was right in front of us.
Rielly fell asleep for a few songs but loved it as well!

Perfect Girls Night Out with my favorite girl!!!!

Here we are all dressed and ready to go tackle the town!

Rielly wanted ice cream for dinner... and Mikes Ice Cream is pretty stinking good so why not?!

Then we wandered up and down Broadway for awhile..she was quite the poser!!! Nothing like a picture on a big boot!

We finally made our way to Bridgestone Arena. There were like 10 big trucks outside promoting TS and her Speak Now tour.

Love this girl!!!

This guy wanted $2 to get a picture with him... but when I said I didn't have cash, he let us have one anyways. Least he could have done was look like Elvis!

We got free glow stick necklaces and a free tshirt for supporting this benefit..all proceeds are being sent to tornado relief in parts of GA, AL and TN. Just in concert sales, they raised 750k! I have to say, I am extremely impressed by this young star!

Rielly was SOOOOOOO excited for this concert!

My camera phone kinda sucked getting pictures. But she went to the middle of the room and sang a few songs.

And here she is flying around the room.

Last song before her encore. It really was super fun and entertaining! I would see her again!!

And remember I told ya'll how we are concert type people? It's kind of our thing..thats how we choose to spend our extra money and take advantage of our location while we live here.

And so... drum roll please...

I'm going to the CMT awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm actually going by myself..not because I have to but because there were no 2 seats next to each other left at all!!! My seat sucks but it's the CMT's!!!!


Kris said...

You are one rockin' & hot mama!

And HOLY COW- the CMTs!!!! You are so lucky to be able to go to all of these fun music events.

Love you!

Kenningtons said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor Swift. That being said, I have no idea what any of her songs are BUT I saw a documentary on her and she really is a very impressive young lady. I'm so excited for you and your sweet Rielly to be able to do fun girl things together.