Saturday, May 14, 2011

The things we do.....

First off... my FB friends... I suspended my FB acct. So if you think I unfriended you, I swear I didn't. I just took a break from you! Hahaha jk. I just needed some time away from a very consuming habit and need to become my own friend.

Secondly... I was like 18yrs old when I went to my very first real concert. It was Depeche Mode and man I hope they come here!!!
My daughter gets to go to her very first one when she's 6!!!
She gets to go with mommy to see her 2nd favorite singer next Saturday (1st being Garth.. love that child!)..
Who is it?

Check it out here!

Not sure who's more excited.. her or me?!?!
Plus I am all about helping the victims of the horrible disasters that keep happening to the southern states.

I used to be a bag person but lately I've given up that obsession and money spent on it and go to concerts instead. Some people shop, some people eat, we go to concerts. Priorities right???

Speaking of southern states, have you heard about the cicadas that are going to be taking over our area during the next few weeks? They come out every 13yrs and this is the lucky year! Last time was June 1998. These puppies are NASTY!!!

This was taken last night in front of the kids school. Blech!!!! It's bad there! CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH with every step on that sidewalk!

And lastly.. I'll leave this with you... from the song of the great singer Toby Keith:
If you don't know where you're going, you might end up somewhere else!

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Kris said...

YUCK!!! Do you remember when the caterpillars took over Safford when we were in high school? I remember the weights room being covered in them & one getting down the back of Shantelle's shirt. GROSS!!
My Frank would be in heaven, though. He loves him some bug-catchin'!