Saturday, May 14, 2011

Soccer season!

We signed both kids up for soccer through the YMCA this year. Funny thing was when I signed them up, because of the school they go to (VERY diverse-we're quite the minority), we got half off!
The practises have been brutal for me. One of us takes them to the field 5 days a week. Reese has practise M,W and Rielly has it T,Th and then games on Saturday. But the kids like it.
Rielly is just Rielly-- carefree and very distracted. Reese is bossy and thinks he knows everything about soccer (not so much) but very determined and wants to win. They had games today which is another thing.. they don't have games at the same time. So I guess really we're at the field 2x's on Saturday!
Rielly was fun to watch. She runs and then.. ohh look there's a flower! Cracks me up but she tries and is so fun to watch. Reese got in trouble by his coach today because he even tried to boss even the coach around. Oh my son! But he played hard and his team won. Well actually since about 5 kids got hurt, Reese included, basically the winners were those still standing.

Love these kids.. they were all doing their own thing while the ball was rolling somewhere. Rielly was looking at the weeds.. I mean flowers.

She wanted me to remember her as goalie-- here she's kicking an invisible ball out of the net.

Rielly with the B girls playing so nicely while Reese played soccer.

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Wendy said...

Yay for being a minority!