Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diet..and week 1 results!

So Jon and I started a diet on Monday that we desperately needed to do.

It's called 4hr Body by Tim Ferris.
The jist of it is slow carbs and no sugar. So our diet consists of eggs, beans, veggies, meat, lots of water and only around 16oz of diet coke for me :( . No sugar, dairy, or good stuff! Except on Saturdays. Blessed Beautiful Saturdays!!!! (which is today!). That is our cheat day. We can eat whatever we want! And you know we will- right after I post!

So the results after really only 5days.....

We started Monday and weighed in and measured today.

Jon- lost 12lbs and 2in
Myself- lost 5lbs and 2in


This was just from eating different.. no exercise.

Now that we know it can work, this week we are adding in workouts.

Tune in for next weeks results!

1 comment:

Kris said...

AWESOME!!! As much as I don't think I could ever go without sugar, I just might be able to tough it out for those kind of results!