Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Play On, Nashville!

Jon got me a ticket yesterday afternoon for yesterday nights show at the Grand Ole Opry.
So I went.. alone... and it was AWESOME!!!
The show commemorated the 1yr of the Nashville flood... just 1 yr before, the Opry house was under 4ft of water! Crazy to think that!
The line up was amazing!!!

Started with Luke Bryan (YUM)

Then of course the adorable and funny as heck Little Jimmy Dickens!

Dierks Bentley took the stage next and I just love love love him!!!

I loved him on Apprentice and I love him now! The VERY big with a very deep voice...Trace Adkins!

Then a band came on that I have been listening to since I was a little girl... and fell in love with again watching Coyote Ugly. Charlie Daniels Band!!!
And they did Devil went down to Georgia! Timeless!!

And last but not least... okay I will admit he's not my favorite singer but seeing him live and so close was pretty unforgettable!
Brad Paisley!!!

It really was amazing!!! Thank you Jon for getting me the ticket and for taking such good care of the kids while I was away!


Wendy said...

What an amazing line up! I love going to shows, but jacob doesn't. I never thought of going solo, but it sounds like a good idea to me!

Kris said...

That's it! I demand that you stop it right now!!! Stop posting things that are going to make me fly to Nashville & rent a house right next to you. Stop it right now- my family needs me!