Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coupon Totals for last week

Been awhile since I actually held onto my receipt.. I'm doing this more for my benefit because I tend to overlook what I spend because I'm so excited about what i save.

spent- 32.41
saved- 175.27

spent- 15.54
saved- 121.64

spent- 0.00
saved- 22.13

Rite Aid:
spent- 1.81
saved- 133.36

spent- 49.76
saved- 452.40

total savings: approx 91% based on the total of what I would have spent which is 502.xx.

Mind you..... this wasn't all groceries. It was deoderants, body wash, lotions, meds, makeup, etc. I did stock up on poptarts and gogurts and mcormick maranaids to last us quite awhile. Since our tax is around 10%, if you think about it, I just paid taxes on everything:) Not bad for a weeks worth!

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