Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're not underwater.. yet!

So if ya'll have been watching national news, you may have notised that mother nature hasn't been so kind to us here in Nashville the last few days. In fact Im sitting here at 9:15am and it's so dark outside, you'd think it was closer to 8pm! It's pouring as it has been for the last 2 days. Needless to say, we have flooded pretty bad! We're stuck in our complex which luckily is on a bit of a hill so we're safe inside here. But if we try to leave, thats another story!
I-24 right next to us is covered in water along with many cars that have sadly succumbed to a water grave for now:(. We watched big tractor trailers driving through the flooded interstate causing huge waves and the stuck cars to bounce all over the place hitting each other. Another time, a school house trailer got loose and was also floating down lake I-24 and just fell apart. I may be able to post that video. It's so weird to think thats happeneing just a few hundred yards outside our front door. The road that leads to my precious Happy Hour Sonic is also flooded so I can't get there for who knows how long.
But we're safe and sound in our tiny crowded apartment with stir crazy kids and cabin fever parents!

Enjoy these pics of our city under water!

This is the back entrance to our apartment complex. Lakeside view anyone??

Luckily this isn't the sonic I go to but from the sounds of it, mine isn't any better. Devistating!

This is the 24.. can't remember if this is by bell or briley pkwy but either way, yikes! But such a pretty picture eh?

The interstate

This one in a backyard in La Vergne. That poor town is considered a disaster area... they had to shut the whole place down yesterday!

Now thats what I call a car wash!!!

The I-24 by our house... i think you can see the school house after it has fallen apart. It's the pointing thing sticking out of the water on the right side.

I'm sure you get the point:)
And below is the school taking a swim but not making it far!!


Laurice said...

I thought we had it bad here in Memphis. Nashville definitely had it worse than us. Glad you guys are ok.

Kris said...

I actually saw that video on our news last night, but they said it was a church. I was thinking of you but had no idea that it was so close to your place. YIKES!!! I'll enjoy our first 90 degree day of the year a little more tomorrow, just for you.