Sunday, May 23, 2010

temple trip

Yesterday was such a great day. Starting out with a trip to the Nashville temple. I went with my friend who had her own prayers to ask as did I so for both of us, this was a much needed and planned trip.

This may come as a shock to a lot of you...
and make sure you're sitting down when you read this...

My friends- I have issues!!!

I struggle with the fact that Jon can receive answers to his prayers when I don't.
I struggle with the fact that our good to bad ratio lately has been 5:1.
I struggle with the fact that darn it.. I'm not perfect and I can't change people nor can I change the world!
I struggle with the fact that sometimes I just don't like who I am.
And my list of struggles and insecurities go on and on.

So my prayer for yesterday was to know that my feelings and concerns and stresses are valid and understood by my Heavenly Father.
Admitting fault is not an easy task for me. But this trip to the temple was such a comfort to me... that I am not alone. And that one of the covenants I made was to listen and support and respect Jon and his relationship with our Savior. And that it's okay that I don't get the answers like he does.. that doesn't mean I shouldn't try. But he has a responsibility to our Heavenly Father to receive revelation and instruction for our family. Who am I to argue this?

I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to leave my problems and the problems of the world outside for a few hrs and to take a few steps closer to heaven. And I'm so grateful that I have friends who I can share these experiences with and who can receive guidance for their own struggles and questions.

And I'm blessed to be married to a man who can go with me.. not just to the temple but into eternity. A temple marriage is truely the greatest blessing!!! And I will always strive to be worthy of that and of him.

I truely feel that the temple is the place where earth and heaven meet.

In the eternal sense... my struggles are so trivial and all in all:

PS: online traffic school is soooooooo boring!!!!!


Christine said...

I'm so glad you got to go. The Temple has been one of my greatest strengths. I always come out feeling loved and comforted.
I wish you could have seen the dedication. The new Temple is so pretty, and the dedication was so neat.
Hooray for a new truck! I just drove Jeremy's new truck for the first time today. It's so fun to finally have it after all these years!

Kris said...

You know what girl? Anybody that won't admit that they have issues is just lying to themselves! We all have issues, doubts & problems & are just so blessed that we can find comfort while here away from our Father. So just remember that you're not alone- we're all truckin' right along with you!

Luv ya!

Fleming Family said... are a rock star!